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Georgia Burn Injury Lawyer

Atlanta burn injury lawyer-Georgia Fire Accident Lawyers: A burn injury is a type of physical damage caused by heat, electricity, chemicals, or radiation. The Atlanta burn injury lawyers at Zeribe Law Offices can help you with your injuries. The most popular burn injury incorporates fire as the culprit. This fire may be caused by an electrical malfunction, explosion, natural occurrence such as lightning, or mere people’s carelessness.

The Injured

A burn injury in Georgia caused by fire is something permanent or lingering in the victim. This is evident by the wounds a victim sustains from the burn injury. It will take a long time before a victim can recover from burn injury. In this, recovery means years of rehabilitation and reconstruction.

Aside from that, the trauma brought about by a fire accident and the withstanding marks of burn injury in the victim’s body is also of great concern. Getting burned will shake a person’s psychological state. This will lead to depression and fear. If not aided properly, the victim might not function well for the rest of his/her life where there supposed to be a ray of hope.

Atlanta burn injury lawyer-Georgia Fire Accident Lawyers: How to Prevent Future Fire accidents and Burn injury

Burn injury will not be a problem if your surrounding is safe from fire and other fire-causing materials and conditions. Avoiding a burn injury is relatively easy if you know what causes the fire.

First, you have to point out how the fire accident happened.

There are many causes of fire accidents:

  • Defective products (Faulty electrical systems and defective appliances)
  • Gas leaks and gas valve failures
  • Automobile accidents
  • Aviation accidents
  • Workplace and industrial accidents
  • Arson

A burn injury may be sustained from these factors. Safety is the key word. If you happen to go to such place or use products and sustain a burn injury after, then it is possible that there was negligence on the part of the company/area, if you did not do anything reckless.

If there is negligence, you should move and investigate. Why? If a product or a place continues to reproduce or operate, future burn injury victims are inevitable.

After determining the factor in the fire accident that caused someone to sustain a burn injury, perform legal actions with a lawyer.

Your observations and testimonies from the site will be also helpful. For instance, your husband sustained a burn injury from the workplace due to a faulty electrical wiring. Your lawyer must understand the exact cause of the incident, so prepare witnesses, including your own husband.

Along with fire experts/arson investigators and other professionals such as electrical engineers, your lawyer will investigate.

In this case, the state of your husband’s workplace. These professionals will tell if the incident happened due to lack of warnings, safety codes, and safety standards in the company.

With this, a negligent company will be disciplined or closed down and fire accidents will be lessened to a degree. After all, you do not need workplaces where safety is not prioritized because these companies will only increase possible burn injury victims.

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