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Georgia Electrical Accident Lawyer

Our Atlanta electrical accident lawyer can tell you that an electrocution accident in Georgia is no joke. Depending on the severity of injury, the victim of an electrical accident faces a life-altering event. Sometimes, electricity will severe an arm, distort a body system, and worst, can lead to death if the human body ends up as its conductor.

That is why many precautionary measures were published and taught to people to avoid the perils of an electrical injury. Yet, these precautionary measures are sometimes ignored and thus more are being victims of electrocution accidents.

Electrical accident: Causes

  • You are at home? Look around you and behold – your home is one place where the electrical accident is possible to happen. Evidently, you have appliances, plugs, and switch in which electricity flowed in. Reckless use of your home’s electric stuff will lead to an electrical accident.
  • You are at work? Check around you and you will see switch, plugs, and sometimes appliances, too. However, it is another story if you are working in a factory or manufacturing company. Aside from gigantic machines made for massive production of goods, these companies have a large supply of electricity – which means more trouble and closer to an electrical accident.
  • You are outdoors? Look around you. Power lines, electric posts, and the likes. The possibilities for the occurrence of an electrocution accident are endless. Atlanta electrical accident lawyer – Georgia electrocution injury lawyer

Who will be held liable during an electrical accident?

If someone or something pushed a person or lead him to an electrical accident, there are numerous lawsuits for compensation and assistance to the electrical accident victim. Compensation and assistance is needed because it will take a lot of money for a victim to recover or for the family of a deceased victim to move on. Some of the grounds to file a case against an organization or someone are:

  1. The rules and safety standards of a company. If the victim had an electrical accident inside his company, investigation should be made. Unclear and ignored standard operating procedures will make the company liable for the electrocution accident.
  2. Negligence in power lines. If it has proven that safety measures are not wholly implemented around power lines, a lawsuit is possible.
  3. Faulty products. You can always contact the company and if they fail to compensate you, call your lawyer.

Note that the company or manufacturer is not always at fault solely when someone becomes a victim of an electrical accident. If the victim is proven reckless or also at fault for the electrocution accident, the case may be ruled out that, the compensation will be decreased by a particular percentage. The ultimate solution: Do not be reckless around electricity, so everyone can go on with his or her lives.

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