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Why You Need a Lawyer If Your Injury is a Serious Personal Injury


Many personal injury victims would question why it is necessary to get a lawyer for this a serious personal injury. While it is true that some injuries may be solved even without the help of lawyers, being in a serious personal injury is a different case altogether. A serious personal injury may be best handled with the assistance of a lawyer and here are the reasons why:

  • An experienced person can best handle a serious personal injury claim. Personal injury lawyers have a vast experience relating to several kinds of personal injuries. This is what they are good at and this is what they do. Experts like lawyers can help you achieve a desirable result regarding your claim.
  • Personal injury lawyers are the ones that protect your best interests. Though insurance companies claim that they are doing the best they can to protect your interests, it is still true that they are also protecting theirs. Because of this, insurance companies are not able to compensate fairly your serious personal injury. However, hiring a personal injury in this case can truly help in protecting your interests.
  • Filing claims require a strict compliance to rules and policies. A serious personal injury victim already has a lot in mind emotionally and physically. Nevertheless, filing a claim is necessary and this is the part where a personal injury lawyer can help you. These people know the rules by heart. They can definitely take the complex task of filing off your hands so you may rest easy and recover peacefully. A serious personal injury claim can exhaust a victim’s resources and time. There are bills to take care of, injuries to recover from, and insurance companies adding stress and pressure to you. It is in this dire time that personal injury lawyers can come in handy to help lighten the situation with their expert knowledge and vast experience.

Tips on What to Do After a Serious Personal Injury

Accidents happen every day to different people and from an assortment of causes. Usually serious accidents are the effect of some people’s negligence, irresponsibility, and recklessness. It is due to this that a number of people experience serious personal injuries. It is justified that a proper compensation be given to victims of serious personal injuries especially if the accident was not their fault.

However, the moments succeeding an accident like a personal injury can be somehow be overwhelming and confusing that most victims tend to forget what to do right after a serious personal injury. In order to know what you have to do if a serious personal injury occurs because of someone else’s wrongdoing or negligence, it would be helpful to keep in mind some helpful tips and advice.

Things to do while at the scene of the incident:

  • Check for those who may need immediate medical attention. 
    • Immediately check if anyone may be in need of medical attention. Check the people you are with and check the people from the other party involved. Do not let your emotions get over you. Manage your temper and do not get emotional. Do not talk to them about anything yet. Ensure first if everyone is in good condition.
  • Call for the medical assistance and call the police.  
    • It is important to call both the medical assistance team or the paramedics and the police if accidents happen. Paramedics will be able to provide first aid especially for those people who may need immediate medical attention.
  • Do not attempt to provide first aid or move anyone unless you are qualified to do so.  
    • While waiting for the paramedics and the police and someone in either party is injured, do attempt to move them. Do not attempt to provide first aid unless you are qualified to do so. If an injured person is moved by unqualified people, the injury may just worsen or may even lead to paralysis.
  • Take some photos at the scene of the accident. 
    • If you have a camera or camera phone with you, make sure to take pictures at the scene of the crime. Everything vital should be recorded and taken pictures of. However, keep in mind not to move anything. Also, make sure that everyone is safe first before taking pictures. The priority still lies in ensuring that everyone is safe before anything else. If this is an automobile accident, make sure to take clear photos of the involved vehicles’ plate numbers, street signs, skid marks, damages, and other things, which you may find relevant. Make a backup copy of these pictures these will be useful if you need to file personal injury claims in the future.
    • Politely inform the other parties involved to wait for the police to arrive at the scene and make their written report about the accident.

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    • Some people would just want you to have their contact and insurance information and then leave. Do not allow this to happen. Courteously insist that they wait until the police arrive and everything is recorded. It is very important that everyone waits until the police reach the accident area since they will need to inspect the scene and the vehicles, see the position of the vehicles, and many other things necessary for their report. If still the other party leaves, make sure that you have their licensed plate number as well as the description of the people.
  • Collect the contact information of the witnesses. 
    • Take responsibility in getting the contact information of the witnesses. Contact information would include names, phone numbers, addresses, and the likes. The statements of these witnesses can make a difference in your personal injury case.
  • Once the police reach the accident scene, tell them everything that happened. 
    • Things to do after the accident:
    • When the police arrive, tell them everything that had happened. Tell them the truth. Avoid exaggerations and do not lie.
  • Always seek for medical attention.  
    • Go to your family doctor or any treating physician available near you. Once you get hold of a physician, inform him or her of the personal injury accident that happened. Inform him or her as well as about any symptom that you are feeling and have the physician record this in the medical record. Get the contact information of the hospital you visited and the name and contact information of the physicians that have examined or treated you. Record the dates that you visited the hospital as well. Again, this will be needed in case you will be filing personal injury claims.
    • When involved in a personal injury, you have to always seek for medical attention. This is your top priority. Even if you think you feel okay and nothing seems to be wrong, you still have to visit a physician. Some injuries are not readily seen. Sometimes symptoms manifest in a few days, weeks, or months after the incident. A physician will be able to help you know what to observe and what to avoid doing until it is thoroughly confirmed that you are already well or until proper treatment is done.
  • Prepare the information and documents needed for your personal injury claim. 
    • Before filing a personal injury claim or contacting a personal injury lawyer, you have to ensure that you have all the information and documents. Have everything ready and make sure to make copies for reference.
  • Get assistance from a personal injury lawyer. 
    • You should not handle your case alone, especially if it is a serious personal injury. You have to seek the assistance and guidance of a personal injury lawyer. Personal injury lawyers are expert in handling personal injury claims and cases. These people will be able to help you in your case while you help yourself recover. Personal injury lawyers can take many legal tasks off your shoulders so you can just focus more in recovering. Contact one as soon as possible.
  • Keep a notebook tracker. 
  • Victims of personal injury cases should always keep track of everything that happens. Get yourself a notebook and use it just like a diary or journal beginning from what happened in the accident up to the present. Track everything no matter how small they are. Track down all of the physical complaints, problems, or issues that you are feeling. List down all the medical visits that you made as well as the tests and examinations done. Make a detailed note of the telephone conversations that you will have to people related to the accident. It may not be an exact transcription, but make sure that a good summary of the conversation is noted. Note down the person’s name, phone number, and the date and time of the call. Track down the dates that you missed work because of the injury or accident. List down the expenses you shelled out related to the accident.

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