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Sex Crimes

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Have you or a loved one been charged with a sex crime? Being charged with a sex crime can lead to irreparable harm.  Your reputation can suffer permanent damage.  Both your professional and personal life will suffer.  Being convicted of a sex crime can lead to requiring you to register as a sex offender, a penalty that will follow you for the rest of your life.  The sex offender list is open to the public; a small amount of effort is required for the public to find out if you are on the list.  Registering as a sex offender places numerous restrictions on your life.  It restricts where you can live and limits employment choices.  Many employers refuse to hire individuals registered as sex offenders. 

A sex crime conviction can result in serious consequences, the most severe being a long prison sentence.  The length and severity of the penalty is determined by the nature of the charges you are facing.  Of course if violence is included in the charge, the penalty will be more severe.  The most common sex charge that gets reported and faces conviction is rape.  The common definition of rape includes threats of force or violence as a means to intimidate an individual to unwillingly consent to perform sexual acts or engage in sexual intercourse.

Do not hesitate to call an attorney if you have been charged a with sex crime.  It is a serious charge, one that carries serious, life-altering consequences.  Your reputation will be irreparably damaged, you may have to register as a sex offender, you may have to pay a heavy fine, or you may have to serve time in prison.

It is imperative that you or your loved one contact a skilled attorney, one that will advocate for you and take the time to understand and recognize your personal needs.  The attorney’s with Zeribe Law Offices are attorney’s that will fight for you and build a strong defense to counter that presented by the prosecution.  Our goal is to put your case first, to make your case our priority.  We want to have a favorable outcome just as much as you do.  Call us today and make an appointment for a consultation.  We are ready and able to serve you.

We offer free consultations for criminal matters.  You have a lot to gain by contacting us and as discussed above you may suffer a great lose if the matter is not handled efficiently and properly.