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White Collar Crimes – Georgia

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Georgia White Collar Crimes Lawyers

White collar crimes are different from general crimes. One difference involves the backgrounds and characteristics of its perpetrators. White-collar crime also differs in its innocuous appearance. Whereas street crimes typically are committed by confronting victims or entering their homes or businesses to steal their valuables, most white-collar crimes are committed by using guile, deceit, or misrepresentation to create and exploit for illicit advantage the appearance of a routine legitimate transaction. Others are committed by abusing for illicit purposes the power of organizational position or public office.

Fraud, defined generally as use of deception to secure unfair or unlawful gain, is the core component of many white-collar crimes. Investment brokers commit fraud when they knowingly encourage clients to invest their funds in bogus stock. Doctors commit fraud when they submit for reimbursement charges for procedures that were not performed or services that were not delivered. And university administrators commit fraud when they spend federal research monies improperly while asserting the contrary to regulatory overseers. There is more to white-collar crime than fraudulent economic transactions, however; it includes behaviors abusive of trusted position, whether committed by state officials or by private parties. When judges demand sex from criminal defendants’ wives or girlfriends in return for favorable bail decisions, they commit white-collar crime. When employers knowingly or negligently subject their workers to an unsafe work environment, they also commit white- collar crime.

White collar crimes in Georgia are felony offenses. If convicted you can be sent to prison and ordered to pay huge fines. The prison term for a felony conviction in Georgia is always more than one year while the fine is always more than $1000. Depending on the amount involved in the alleged “white collar crime” the prison term can exceed 10 years and you can be asked to pay thousands of dollars as fine.

If you have been charged with a white collar crime or you are being investigated for a white collar crime, contact an experienced Georgia white collar attorney immediately. Your liberty is at stake. Don’t take chances. If you are being questioned by the police for any white collar offense, insist that you be allowed to speak to your Georgia white collar crime attorney before answering the questions. Remember, white collar crimes are generally receive wide media coverage and the police will be under immense pressure the solve the crime. So they will use your answers as evidence against you.

Do not plead guilty to a white collar crime. If you plead guilty you will be convicted and sent to prison. By pleading guilty you will not be making the charge any less serious. All that you will be doing is making it easier for the prosecution. Remember if you are charged with a white collar crime, you have certain legal rights. You have the right to a free and fair trial. The prosecution bears the burden of proof. You are presumed innocent until proven guilty. Hire the services of an experienced Georgia white collar crime attorney. The attorney will work with you to develop a successful defense strategy.