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Georgia Personal Injury Lawyer

Call 770-840-9098 for a free consultation with our Atlanta personal injury  lawyer for a car accident, truck accident, slip and fall, wrongful death or more matter. Personal injuries are one of the issues and lawsuits that are often talked about in Georgia and throughout the United States. From one court to the other, a personal injury case is often being heard and judged. Basically, it is because, many personal injury cases are happening. A personal injury is bound to happen no matter how careful or responsible you already are. Many other factors aside from yourself would play a role for a personal injury to happen. Minimizing these types of injuries could be done, but to erase them totally from the face of any society seems to be an impossibility. Aside from the imperfections of human beings, there are a couple of reasons why personal injuries happen. Get a free consultation with our Atlanta personal injury  lawyer .

  • Personal Injury Involving Negligence of Other People or Party

First, even though you make sure that you are responsible and careful other people are simply not as careful or as responsible as you are. Due to their negligence, mismanagement, and unawareness, you might get involved with their faults. This is more commonly known as the negligence of another party.

  • Defective Tools, Items, and Equipment

The second reason is a number of equipment and tools used around seem to be faulty and defective. Because of this reason, it brings people, especially employees and drivers into accidents, which no one intends to happen. This, in turn, may cause a personal injury to occur.   What should you do if you are involved in or have acquired a personal injury? Now that you know the reasons why a personal injury may happen, it is now the time for you to identify the steps and the procedures that you should do once you have been afflicted with a personal injury. There are actually two main procedures:

  • Report the accident and seek medical attention.

These two steps must go hand in hand if you got tangled in an accident causing personal injury. You must report what happened so the authority can note it down and do a quick investigation of the accident area. While the investigation is happening, medical attention is also needed, especially if the injuries are grave. So, while you are waiting for the ambulance, the investigation is also happening. If the investigation finished fast, you can be delivered to the hospital for immediate medical attention and hopefully quicker recovery.

  • Get legal assistance from our personal injury  lawyer  serving the Atlanta area, today

The next thing you should do once you have been declared out of danger from all the elements of any personal injury is to get a personal injury lawyer. It is now the time for you to seek some legal advice from a trusted accident attorney. You should be able to know your rights, liabilities, and negligence if there is any. In order for you to arrive at a certain decision and an agreement, it is highly suggested that you consult for an advice and have further discussions with a lawyer who is experienced in dealing with personal injury cases.

Types of Personal Injuries That You Should Be Aware Of .

There are actually various types of personal injuries. They do not only focus on vehicular accidents or faulty equipment at work, but they also deal with the events, which may happen in the everyday lives of people. Here are some types of personal injuries.

  • Fatal Accident Personal Injury Cases

This type of personal injury can also be called a real tragedy because it has something to do with massive number of casualties and injuries. This type of case usually deals with a massive vehicular accident like a road accident, which involves a van, or bus, which are filled with passengers. Another example is an accident, which involves boats or ships. Accidents in recreational areas can also be categorized in this case like destroying of a stadium or a field where many people are present.

  • Slip and Fall Injury Cases

Well, this type of personal injury may seem to happen at any time and at any place. However, more often, these cases are observed in malls, shops, numerous retail centers, and high traffic areas. Usually, when this type of case has been reported, legal authorities ask for an incident report in order to make further observations in a case that has something to do with plaintiff.

  • Industrial Disease Injury Cases

An example of this type of case is construction work, railroad, asbestos exposure, and even a shipyard. Because manual and manpower workload is no longer that abundant in the United States today, this type of personal injury seems to happen seldomly, but it is not uncommon at all. Basically, this case has something to do with a group of people, particularly employees of a certain company who are transferred from their original workplace to a new place where they will be working the same job. During their job, they have been exposed to a certain chemical or any material that affected their health not only for a couple of days, but for months or even years.

  • Work Related Personal Injury Cases

From the name itself, it clearly has something to do with the processes at work, which have harmed an individual. The party who is always being accused when this type of case has been reported are maybe the employee’s co-workers, supervisors, managers, or even the managements itself. It is seldom to see that the plaintiff is the individual who got injured.

  • Highway or Car Accident Cases

These are the most prevalent types of personal injuries among all the types of injuries basically because of the increasing population of people crowding the roads with their respective vehicles. Most often, this type of injury happens because of the negligence of the driver himself. Sometimes the car drivers are drunk, unfocused, too tired to drive, or even attending to calls or text messages. There are even cases reported where the driver is attending to other electronic devices such as music players, tablets, and other portable gadgets. It is commonly addressed by the legal road administrative to have full focus and attention when one is driving.

Since we are in a generation full of developments created by the innovative eyes of several individuals, owning a car is not really a big thing, rather it has been a usual thing. That is why, almost all people know how to drive. In line with this, the danger of meeting a car accident is not also an exception. It may happen anytime and anywhere. Our Atlanta personal injury lawyers can help.

Auto accidents may occur in various ways. Thus, the things enumerated below will give you an idea on what are the different types of car accidents:
Rear-end Collision

Rear end collisions refer to the crashing of your car and another car, wherein you are either at the back of the other car or in front. It means you bumped into another, or otherwise you are bumped. The one proven at fault in this auto accident will surely pay the damages he brought upon the other.
Side-Impact Collision

This refers to a car being bumped on the side of the front or rear of another or even on a fixed object. This auto accident may give severe damage to the ones who sat at the side portion of the car.
Sideswipe Collision

This commonly refers to two cars swiping each other. However, this may not result in serious injury if both drivers are in control of the situation. Most likely, only cosmetic damage will occur.
Vehicle Rollover

This refers to a vehicle rolling over the streets, which is commonly caused by an instant and sharp turn. Taller vehicles such as SUVs are more prone to this kind of auto accident compared to the smaller vehicles, but it does not eliminate the risk for the smaller ones. Atlanta personal injury attorney
Head on Collision

This refers to the bumping of both front ends of both vehicles, which usually happens when a driver does not follow road signs and suddenly met another vehicle on its way.
Single Car Accident

This refers to a single car bumping into another object such as trees, signboards, walls, and even persons. This often probably will result in damage in property or injury.
Multi-vehicle Pile Up Car Accidents

This refers to a car accident in which multiple vehicles are involved. Thus, this is considered as the deadliest type of auto accident since it may result to spinning of the vehicles. In addition, if a passenger tries to get out of the car, another one will probably bump him and may cause death.

It is not bad to own a car and learn to drive. However, make sure you know how to handle these car accidents if ever you will encounter one.

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Compensation for Damages

Personal injuries cause a lot of damage to both parties, but most especially to the party who is not responsible for the accident and who is not liable for any negligence. There are some damages, which can be solved by money. However, there are also damages, which cannot be healed by any form of monetary supplication. Here is a list of the damages, which can be compensated with money:

  • All the medical expenses should immediately be attended by the negligent party. This includes all the therapies, treatments, and rehabilitations, which have been done before the case has been dismissed as well as all the medical procedures that would be done in the future. The estimation of the costing is calculated for the rest of the victim’s life expectancy.
  • If ever the personal injury has made the victim acquire disability physically, mentally, or psychology, the negligent party is in charge of doing adequate compensations.
  • While the victim is recovering from the personal injury, it is mandated by law that the negligent party should cover all the lost wages in order to compensate for the accident that happened.
  • If ever properties have been damaged because of the accident, it is necessary for the negligent party to repair, restore, or if the damage is beyond any restoration, replace the property.
  • Lastly, if the victim was not able to survive from the accident. The negligent party is responsible in taking care of all the burial and funeral expenditures.

If only everything can only be compensated by money, then life would be better off. However, not all things can be repaired or can be taken care of any monetary supplication. Here are some of them:

  • The pain and the suffering the victim underwent during and after the accident. One of these is the physical pain a person underwent when the accident happened as well as the further treatment. Moreover, emotional distress can also be observed from victims. Because of the accident and the personal injury, it is expected for them to look at life negatively, be frustrated by how things turn out, or get angry because some of their plans have been postponed and what is worse is the trauma or fear that may develop. A fear that something like this might happen again, which would hinder them from moving forward from the accident that happened.
  • Another damage brought by personal injury to a person is loss of consortium. If ever the victim were not able to survive from the accident, the families would be facing dark days of grief, loss, and loneliness. Moreover, if ever the victim is a father; his children would be deprived of the guidance, protection, and security that he brings to the family. More importantly, their daily sustenance and survival would also be compromised. The wife would also be deprived of the comfort, solace, affection, assistance, and sexual relations the victim gives her.

Though there are accidents, which are unavoidable, still many can be avoided if every individual will be responsible enough. If all people would be really careful, personal injuries would not be as prevalent.

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More on Personal injury

A personal injury is a term used to name an injury either physical or psychological, which resulted from an accident or by negligence of another individual, be it intentional or not. There are different types of personal injury per se, it could be accidents at work or at home, product defect accidents, road traffic accidents, or holiday accidents. Personal injury also covers medical and dental accidents, which are commonly caused by negligence or carelessness on the part of the medical specialist or medical institution. Perhaps, the increasing number of medical negligence’ cases is common all over the world.

A Serious Personal Injury

A personal injury, when regarded as “serious”, can be raised up in court, if not settled by the parties involved. This may be settled however, by giving a monetary compensation, if the injured party allows to as agreed through negotiation with the party who caused the personal injury or by a judgment in court. Serious personal injury refers to an intense suffering by a person such as brain damage, broken bones, or lifetime fracture. Atlanta Personal injury lawyer

Personal Injury: Special and General Damages

Damages done on the injured party could be categorized into special or general. Special damages refer to the costs incurred, which can be itemized and calculated/measured. Such damages refer to those physically seen such as property damages, lost earnings, and medical expenses. General damages refer to the things unseen physically, but emotionally felt by an individual. Those costs are surely hard to quantify since it has no value by nature. It includes pain and sufferings, loss of consortium, emotional distress, lifetime disabilities, and even death.

Effects of a Personal Injury

There are various side effects of a certain personal injury experienced. A person may suffer deep pain in the first place, but may still be able to recover later on. However, what if the consequence of having that injury will let you suffer for a lifetime? A specific case is when a game player was injured and had a significant fracture of the bones. He may not be able to play the game again. In this case, the injured party will also have lifetime compensation. This claim still falls for pain and sufferings, loss of amenity, and lifetime disabilities.

Personal injury is regarded as one of the severe cases reported each year. It is constantly increasing in number. Though this is the case, it should be diminished, if not, lessen. It is better to be safe than be in a trial as the injured party or the party who caused injury. Nonetheless, personal injury is everybody’s responsibility.

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