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Georgia Slip and Fall Lawyer – Premises Liability Attorney

Atlanta slip and fall lawyer – Atlanta premises liability lawyer: Premises liability in Georgia refers to the liability of the owner or possessor of a property that occurs when an injury happens to another person at the premise of the owner. They are of full responsibility regarding such accident even if it is unintentional and even though the entity is private property. There are various types of premises liability cases:

  • Slips and Fall

A person in a particular entity slips and falls accidentally because of the negligence of the person assigned to mop the floor. The victim, especially if injured can file for a slip and fall accident claim under the premises liability laws.

  • Inadequate maintenance

A branch in a tree of your premise accidentally falls into somebody. This may also be filed for a premises liability case especially if the owner knew about the hanging branch, but did not do something about it.

  • Staircase Accidents

A person having a slip and fall accident in a staircase owned by another is a common incident to everybody. Thus, the owner of the house or entity should make sure that the staircase in their premise is safe and the design is reasonable. Once it is found out that the due maintenance was not done, a premises liability case may be filed.

  • Inadequate security

An owner fails to install enough lightings and signage to a place dangerous for others to pass. Any injury happening because of this may also be pushed for a premises liability claim. Atlanta slip and fall lawyer

  • Electricity and electrocution

Livewires should be taken care by the utility in order for other people not to touch such wires. It should be kept away from the reach of other people since it may bring trouble like premises liability accidents.

  • Defective sidewalks

Cracks along the sidewalk will not bring a premises liability case to the owner, but rather, it is when there are dangerous things such as “slippery sidewalks” due to weeds, or anything else unreasonable enough to see on the sidewalk.

Premises liability cases are known to be not as severe as car accidents do. Yet, these cases may also give injuries to those affected. Some common injuries are:

  • Broken bones
  • Electroshocks
  • Burns
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Neck and head injuries

Though owners have the right to avoid invaders from entering in their premises, they still have the responsibility to warn invaders upon the danger the later may encounter inside the premises. Such as, if you are having an electric fence, you need to put a signage into it.

The premises liability of the owners are differently applied depending on the state and federal laws that applies to a particular country. Hence, your premise, is yours but lacking the knowledge on your responsibilities will surely not exempt you from having a premises liability case.

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