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Georgia DUI Lawyer

Georgia DUI Lawyers

Atlanta DUI lawyer Georgia: A DUI is a term that means that the defendant has been charged with driving under the influence of either drugs or alcohol. A DWI is a legal term that stands for driving while intoxicated. Typically the term varies by state. Both are very serious things to be charged with so it is important for defendants who have been charged with these crimes to consult a DUI lawyer or a DWI lawyer for legal advice.The legal blood alcohol level for all drivers that are over the age of twenty one is .08. For drivers under the age of twenty one, it is between .00 and 02 depending on the state, because these drivers are not legally old enough to consume any alcohol at all. If a police officer pulls someone over and gives them a a field sobriety test and they fail it, then there is probable cause for a breathalyzer test to be administered to the driver. If the driver blows a .08 or higher, then they are charged with a DUI or DWI. In this instance, the person being charged has the right to ask for a DWI lawyer or a DUI lawyer before saying or doing anything else because they will have been read their Miranda Rights.People who have been charged with A DUI or DWI will face possible punishments including the loss of their driving privileges, massive fines, their vehicle impounded, jail time, and house arrest. These punishments are very serious and going at it alone and trying to get through court proceedings without legal help is usually a huge mistake. Atlanta DUI lawyer

A DUI lawyer or DWI lawyer will first offer the client a free one hour consultation. At that time, the DUI lawyer or DWI attorney will examine the police report, ask the client about the events that took place on the day and time in question, investigate if chemical tests were conducted properly,and read and review any court documents that have been sent to the client.

DUI and DWI laws vary by state so having a good Atlanta DUI lawyer or DWI attorney on your side is the best way to defend yourself. It can be hard to defend yourself when you know nothing about the legal system or the proper protocols that police officers and other law enforcement officials need to use. A DUI lawyer will be able to craft a solid defense that highlights why the client might have been innocently charged of the crime in question. The lawyer will explain how the process works, how juries usually rule in similar cases, and what possible sentences that they could received based on the charge and the state where the court proceeding is going to be held.

People should act quickly after being charged with a DUI or DWI. In many instances, people are only given less than six weeks before their case will go before a judge or jury. Consulting a DUI lawyer or DWI attorney can help make the process much less painful, less expensive, and in most cases, have a better outcome. Contact us today for a consultation . Atlanta DUI lawyer