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Georgia Daycare Injury Lawyer

Atlanta child daycare injury lawyer: Georgia parents will always provide the best for their child, especially in choosing the right daycare center. However, child care injury or accident is real and they should be at the forefront of every mother or father’s minds. Though the incidence of child care injury is rare, it still pays to be aware of the possible types of child care injury in Georgia that may occur if you leave your child under the supervision of a day care professional.

Georgia Daycare accident #1: Cuts and Bruises

The most common and most frequent child care injury types are minor cuts and bruises. These cuts and bruises are products of children’s active play. It is a given in a daycare scenario that children will get into some rough and tumble play. Roughhousing is not uncommon, especially among boys. From these situations, children are prone to slip or fall, resulting in cuts and bruises.  

Day care accident #2: Scuffles

Children fight with each other often. And when the daycare assistants are not vigilant a small misunderstanding among children may erupt into full-scale melees. Child care injury resulting from child scuffles include – aside from the cuts and bruises – scratches, bites, chipped teeth, bloody noses, and black eyes. As long as adults are there to supervise, these forms of child care injury can be largely avoided.  Atlanta child daycare injury lawyer

Daycare accident #3: The Risk of Choking

Children, especially toddlers, are prone to putting foreign objects inside their mouths and therefore are at high risk of choking, another form of child care injury. Daycare workers are always on the lookout for these incidents. They generally prevent children from putting things in their mouths for both hygiene and safety reasons. The risk of choking is higher in a daycare with all the small toys that may be ingested by an unknowing child.

 The Scary Injuries No Parent Wants to Hear About

Cuts and bruises are forms of child care injury all parents can live with. After all, it is part of a child’s development that he or she gets hurt a little. But there are types of childcare injury that are serious enough to warrant the attention of all involved. The scariest of all these child care injury kinds are concussions, severe sprains, dislocations, broken bones and severe burns. For concussions, sprains and broken bones, these are the results of a fall (probably from the playground). Burns are quite uncommon in a daycare setting where flammable materials are not that available, but it’s still wise to check on the children from time to time. When a child care injury like this occurs, it is clear that an adult had been negligent.

A smart parent is safety-conscious and will always assess a day care center if it can provide safety for their children or at the least have a reduced child care injury chance. The best thing for a parent, especially when they leave their child in the care of others, is peace of mind knowing that their child is in safe and capable hands.

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