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In Civil Court Criminal Defendant Can Also Be Liable For Victims’ Claim for Personal Injuries

Personal injuries are not only limited to those injuries that can be acquired from work and accidents. There are also personal injuries that can directly receive from a crime or past criminal conviction case of a defendant. To understand this clearly, it can be helpful to refresh about the basics of personal injury cases. What is a personal injury case? A personal injury case can be anything from a victim suffering physical injuries, illnesses, or diseases as well as those who suffer from Read more [...]

Different Types of Theft Crimes

There are different types of theft crimes. Theft is generally the stealing of anything of value. Larceny is the taking possession of the personal property of another person through trespass. To be charged with larceny, the person charged must have an intention to steal the property and must carry the property away. Robbery refers to the taking or attempting to take anything of value from the care, custody, or control of another person or group of persons by the use of force or threat of force Read more [...]

Why I Think Technology is Controlling Our Lives

Since time immemorial technology has always been man’s helping hand in their everyday lives. From the stone tools used by primitive people to the most sophisticated device we have now, technology all brought them to us to make our lives much easier and so we will be able to do more with the limited daily time we have. It has given so many benefits and that we should really be thankful that it has graced our lives. But our dependency on technology and its results and products have also been growing Read more [...]

Maintaning Business Records

Managers should become familiar with the federal and state rules of civil and criminal procedure that apply to their particular business: • the Uniform Business Records as Evidence Act, adopted in   16 states, allows a record of an act, condition, or event to be submitted as   evidence if its custodian or another qualified witness testifies to its   identity and mode of preparation, and if the record was made in the regular   course of business at or near the time of the activity. • the Read more [...]

A Good Traffic Lawyer Can Make a Difference

If you have been charged with a traffic violation in Georgia, you should contact an experienced traffic lawyer. Traffic lawyers mostly specialize in traffic violation cases. You should fight a traffic violation charge against you. The fine may seem a small amount but when you pay the fine, you are basically accepting the charge against you. Georgia traffic attorneys can  advise you on paying the fine. Paying the fine can result in points on your license. Points on your license means increased insurance Read more [...]

Why Experience Matters in Personal Injury Cases

Consult with an experienced personal injury attorney if you have been injured by the negligent acts of another person.  There are many personal injury lawyers in every town but they probably don’t regularly handle personal injury cases. You need an attorney whose practice is devoted mostly to personal injury cases. A personal injury lawyer deals exclusively in personal injury cases. Insurance companies keep track of personal injury attorneys they regularly deal with, and will evaluate a claim Read more [...]

Adoption Guide

If you are planning on adopting a child, you will require the assistance of an experienced family law attorney. State laws regulate the adoption procedure. However if you are adopting a child from another country, you will have to comply with a host of Federal and international laws. You will also have to comply with the requirements under US immigration laws. Adoption involves complex rules and procedures. It is easy to get lost in this complex maze of rules and procedures. An experienced Atlanta Read more [...]

Winning Your Asylum Case

If you are in the United Stat either legally or illegally and the return to your country will result in a serious threat to your life or freedom, you can apply for asylum in theUnited States. The Immigration and Nationality has provisions for granting of asylum. Consult with an experienced US immigration attorney. The attorney can review your case and advise you on your eligibility. If you are seeking asylum, you must demonstrate a well founded fear that if you return to you home country, you Read more [...]

Bringing Your Fiancee to the US

When love strikes us, we see no boundaries; we see no colors or races. When we love, we just love our partners wholly. However, when your partner is residing in a different country than yours there are some things that need to be prepared in order for you to reunite and stay with each other. This is especially true if you or your partner is living in the United States and you are both planning to reside there. In order for this plan to materialize you will need a K-1 visa for your foreign partner. Read more [...]

Our Family Law Practice

From our Norcross, Gwinnett County law offices, our Georgia county divorce lawyer and family law attorney represents clients in family law issues throughout metro Atlanta courts of: Fulton County, Dekalb County, Cobb County and Clayton County on issues such as: uncontested divorce, name change, legitimation, premarital or prenuptial or antenuptial agreements, separation agreement, legal separation, settlement agreement, adoption, child support, spousal support, visitation, restraining order, domestic Read more [...]