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Property Crimes

Property Crimes – Atlanta Criminal Lawyer

Georgia Criminal Attorney

A Property Crime is the taking of valuable personal property of another organization, individual, or group.  To be found guilty of a property crime, the accused needed to have the specific intent to deprive the victim of his/her property permanently.  In addition, the property has to be taken away by the alleged.  The alleged has to obtain control and physical possession of the property for a period of time.  The property also has to be moved.

Our firm defends those charged with various theft crimes, even those charged with crimes that involve violence.  These are a few of the common charges that our firm defends:

  • Alleged petty theft and shoplifting
  • Alleged vandalism
  • Alleged embezzlement
  • Alleged robbery and armed robbery
  • Alleged burglary
  • Alleged fencing stolen property
  • Destroying public property
  • Alleged auto Theft

If you are currently facing charges of an alleged property crime you will need an attorney that will put an effort to acquire all the minor and major details involved in your case. You will require an attorney that is willing to investigate all the relevant facts, and put forth the effort to make a thorough review of the evidence the prosecution has in its possession and interview witnesses.   These examinations will allow your attorney to know which steps are necessary to provide the best representation, one that will fit your unique situation and assist in building a strong, formidable defense.  The examination will also allow your attorney to decide if it is necessary to file various motions or to not have certain witnesses testify.  The attorney’s with Zeribe Law Offices explore all strategies available to them.

The prosecution will have an array of resources to assist in building their case against you.  Because the attorney’s with Zeribe Law Offices recognize the resources available to the prosecution, our team works hard to obtain as much information and evidence necessary.  We do this in an effort to build a strong case so that we may be a formidable opponent against the prosecution.   Our goal is to get the best possible outcome.  Because our attorney’s take the time to get all the information relevant to your case, we are able to develop a well tailored defense one to ensure that the needs of each specific client is met.   We will fight to achieve the best possible outcome.  This can range from a dismissal, or an acquittal, or an array of other outcomes.