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Georgia Car Accident Lawyer

Call 770-840-9098 for a free consultation with our Atlanta car accident lawyer for Georgia car wrecks, auto injury, truck accidents, dui accident, and more. According to the 2011 statistical study in the United States, there are approximately 89 people that were killed each day because of car accidents. Car accidents in Georgia may happen in many different circumstances. They might happen along the Atlanta  busy thoroughfares, parking lots, establishments, and other accident-prone areas. Sometimes, they even tend to happen in the most unexpected times. If a car accident happens, damages are sure to ensue and compensation to the non-negligent party will also follow. It is very important for everyone to know the processes that they must do as well as how to react in a certain situation such as a car accident. Our Atlanta car accident lawyer can help you with your case.

Types of Car Accidents in Atlanta

Along with the various causes for a car accident to happen, there are also several car accident types that must be learned by passengers and most importantly by all drivers.

  1. Rear-End Collision

This is often caused by sudden decelerations by the first car or when the following car accelerates more rapidly than the vehicle ahead of it. Collision happens when one car crashes or bumps into another car in front of it. The common injury that occurs in a rear-end collision is called whiplash. The driver of the car that rear-ends the other vehicle is commonly the one who may majorly cause the car accident.

  1. Sideswipe Collisions

It occurs when two cars bump each other in a parallel direction. Usually, minor injuries are reported during this kind of accident because the cars impact on each other is only minimal unless the driver lost control of the brake as a result of much bigger accident collision. 

  1. Head on Collisions

A head on collision occurs when the front vehicle crashes the front part of another vehicle or bumps with a stationery object. These types of collisions are often fatal. They exactly occur when the two front-ends of two vehicles cross each other. Accidents in New York often occur when a driver travels on a street in the wrong direction and sometimes fall asleep while driving.

  1. Side-Impact Collisions

This is commonly known as the T-bone or broadside collision that can cause grave injuries. Side impact accidents happened when the side of vehicle is hit. It may damage the passengers and the drivers and can sustain far worse injuries. Contact our Atlanta car accident lawyers

  1. Single-Car Accidents

These are very common types of accidents. Usually it occurs when only one vehicle strikes an object such as a pole, a tree, a wall, and a fire hydrant. In some incidents, the innocent bystanders are the one who are affected by injuries and wide-ranging properties may also be damaged.

  1. Hit and Run Accidents

This is a serious type of car accident. In this case, a driver will leave the victim of the accident half-dead. It can be very difficult to determine the identity of the driver or the vehicle. It will also be difficult to solve a serious case once the driver cannot be identified by the authorities.

  1. Vehicle Roll-Over

This type of accident occurs when a vehicle flips over onto the side or roof the car. Rollover accidents are usually caused by a sharp turn at high speed. Cars that are taller than the other vehicles such as SUVs are usually at a greater risk because they have a higher center of gravity.

  1. Multi Vehicle Collision

This type of accident involves many vehicles. They usually occur on highways and expressways .This accident is the deadliest type of accident because once it occurs, a solid mass of crumpled vehicles makes the rescue harder and riskier. Vehicles that are pile up together can increase the risk of injury to the victims and the passengers involved. Knowing the cause of multi-vehicle collision is difficult; it is usually impossible to tell if negligence or carelessness caused the sudden crash.

Preventing a Car Accident

A car accident may happen at any given moment. In order to prevent a car accident from happening, all drivers must know the proper safety measures while driving. Though a crucial part of traveling is ensuring the safety of everybody while on board a car, it is also the responsibility of the driver to ensure that he or she is not causing any possible car accidents to his or her fellow drivers. Following traffic rules is also essential to having a safe trip. Knowing the basic street signs, following traffic lights, and listening to traffic aides are also helpful elements in preventing a possible car accident from happening.

Drivers should also remember not to drink too much when driving. Studies show that chances of car accidents are increased when a driver is not on his or her normal state when driving. For drivers, prohibiting drinking is one of the best practices to guarantee the security of the people on the car as well as those on the road. There are lots of accidents nowadays that involve drivers on alcohol they tend to deny their faults and liabilities and sometimes run away from the scene to escape the damages and injuries that they caused.

Taking calls or attending to text messages while driving is also a contributor to many car accidents. It is better if the driver will put the phone into silent mode before driving. It is a thing to be practiced so that the driver will not be distracted once the phone rings.

It is also important to have a regular car maintenance and check-up to know what to repair and to fix. Maintaining a car check is important to validate if the brakes and other parts of the vehicles are still functioning and working properly.

In case of involvement in any car accident, it is very important to seek legal counsel and coordinate to the police authorities to determine what really happened. The driver should not be afraid to take part in any investigations that might be helpful to solve the case. Remember that car accidents can cause damages and even sacrifice people’s lives so the driver must be liable for any injuries that are effects of his or her recklessness and carelessness. In order to avoid the consequences that a car accident might cause, everyone must know how to prevent it and to follow the laws that pertain to proper and safe driving.

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After You have been in a car accident

The moments following an auto accident are riddled with fear and chaos. When dealing with the aftermath of an accident it’s imperative to have a highly skilled advocate who specializes in personal injury. An accident and personal injury lawyer will seek maximum compensation for any physical and emotional afflictions sustained during the crash.

While state laws differ, an accident and personal injury lawyer such as a can eliminate errors and immediately get the wheels in motion. Medical bills, insurance costs and vehicle repairs can quickly mount and the expenses can be catastrophic. An accident can be a life changing event and one that should not be dealt with alone.

Understanding the basics of negligence and liability is crucial to the outcome of any case. An accidents and personal injury attorney or car accident attorney can establish the legal foundation to move a suit forward and eliminate further stress on the victim.

The first step is determining liability. The responsibility of proving liability rests squarely on the victim’s shoulders. The process of proving liability differs depending on the type of accident and number of parties involved. Simply defined, liability is the financial and legal obligation owed to another party as the direct result of an accident resulting in injury or wrongful death. Constituting liability is the very basis of any personal injury or wrongful death case.

Negligence is most commonly linked to liability. The failure to exercise reasonable care and caution is the theory behind negligence. It’s left up to the injured party to prove the defendant acted in an irresponsible and reckless manner. Furthermore, the injured must prove the behavior or action of the defendant resulted in injury or death to the plaintiff. Proof of negligence can be rather straightforward or quite complex. Too often victims are blamed for an accident, injury or a death. An accidents and personal injury attorney can strategically build a negligence case while protecting the victims rights. Establishing liability also requires one to prove the extent of the damages. The opposition will vehemently refute all claims and make every attempt to bar the victim from receiving what they are entitled to. An experienced attorney can provide evidence and argue case law to ensure the victim is awarded maximum compensation.

The compensation for property damage is important but it’s equally important other areas are not overlooked. Immediate and future medical expenses, lost wages, future earning capacity and general pain and suffering should be included in the overall award. Injury, chronic pain, emotional distress and disfigurement majorly impact ones quality of life and the ability to be self-supporting. An accidents and personal injury lawyer is the strongest alliance to argue your case to an insurance company or jury.

It’s important to seek counsel as soon as possible after an accident or injury. All states have a statute of limitations in which a victim can make a claim or initiate proceedings. Depending on the specific guidelines of the state and the nature of the accident the timeframe for legalities is limited.

Selecting an accidents and injury attorney with a proven track record of success can mean the difference between fair and reasonable compensation or no compensation at all.

Filing a Car Crash Claim

You are driving a car on a interstate, safely, while enjoying a beautiful day. Then, all of a sudden, another car crashes into yours. The quantity of motor vehicle collisions is rising since there are a lot more cars on the streets of America. It is no wonder people are so stressed on the highway, the traffic is becoming worse every year. Atlanta Car accident attorney

An auto accident attorney personal injury lawyer can tell you this – accidents may happen to anyone, no matter how safely you drive. Anything you do or do not do after having a car crash may make an impact on your case. Those who have never been involved in a vehicle accident don’t truly know the way to handle themselves once the car accident or personal injury happens.

If you have been involved in a car accident, you’ve got full legal rights to file a claim. Needless to say, you no doubt know in your heart that handling this type of a situation is the very last thing you want and you end up feeling frustrated. If you’d like to have a great case, there are lots of things you have to know about and do properly. We can help you determine what you need to do to win your personal injury or car accident case. Below are some crucial things you need to understand.

Be familiar with the state law. Every state within our country has different laws that are utilized to regularize different situations on a local level. You shouldn’t file a case on your own. Contact a personal injury lawyer car accident attorney first and let him help you with the state laws which are related to car accidents or personal injury . It is a good way to be informed about your process.

You ought to examine what are your legal rights. It is a essential issue. As early as now, our automobile accident attorney to help you know your legal rights. You’ve got really small probability of winning your case if you wish to pursue the personal injury matter on your own. It’s because there are lots of legalities involved in your case.

Understand the statute of limitations. Included in the state laws may be the statute of limitations. You can’t simply move on saying it’s alright and then after a few years come back and chase the individual who wronged you. The law only allows you generally two or three years to submit your personal injury claim. If you want to learn more concerning this, ask our Atlanta auto accident lawyer about the limits of your case.

You’ll have to prove something. You have to prove that you’re at the losing end in the personal injury vehicle accident, even though a vehicle accident is a small crime in comparison with various other felonies. Considering this, you need to speak to your car crash lawyer on the best way to bolster your case and ensure the wrongdoer will pay for her or his mistake.

It is important for victims to call an accident attorney or personal injury lawyer as soon as possible after a car accident or personal injury . With regards to fees, most personal injury  lawyers don’t charge the interview with a prospective client. If you do not act right away, your settlement for damages is at risk. Most personal injury attorneys don’t accept a fee so you won’t have to worry about the payment. The lawyer will take a fee only when his client wins the case.

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