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Bringing Your Fiancee to the US

When love strikes us, we see no boundaries; we see no colors or races. When we love, we just love our partners wholly. However, when your partner is residing in a different country than yours there are some things that need to be prepared in order for you to reunite and stay with each other. This is especially true if you or your partner is living in the United States and you are both planning to reside there. In order for this plan to materialize you will need a K-1 visa for your foreign partner. A K-1 visa is the visa dispensed to the fiancée or fiancé of an American citizen in order to enter the United States. Once the couple is married, this K-1 visa will ultimately lead to valuable immigration benefits and privileges.

One of the most important  and major benefit of using a K-1 Visa is that it allows foreign fiancée or fiancé of an American citizen to reside and become a citizen of their own right. That being said, they will also be able to enjoy the many benefits that are being enjoyed by the citizens of the United States. With the K-1 Visa, your foreign partner can automatically gain an immigrant status once you get married in the country. It is also one of the surest ways on gain immigrant status as long as your relationship with an American citizen is genuine and your intent to get married is there.  It can be the surest way but also still the most tedious one.

Using a K-1 Visa gives you both the option to apply for a I-131 Travel Authorization which when approved will serve as authorization permit so that you can both go back to your partner’s home country to have a show wedding in their partner’s family. Budgetary costs are also far lesser when a K-1 visa is used. K-1 Visa also requires less supporting documentation compared to other kinds of visas.

The process may seem tedious but this is a cleaner and surest way on how you can be reunited with your loved one and also the best way that for you both to spend the rest of your happily ever after here in the United States.

Atlanta fiancee visa lawyer can help you achieve this.