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Chances of Needing A Criminal Defense Lawyer in A Lifetime

There are many circumstances in our lives when we might need the assistance or help of an expert, particularly a lawyer. There are many various kinds of lawyers that we can seek help to depending on the problem or the nature of the case. One of these lawyers is the criminal defense lawyer. A criminal defense lawyer is someone who defends people, organizations or even companies who are involved in cases about crime and criminal violence. Some of the most common cases handled by criminal defense lawyers are sex crimes, domestic violence cases, drug crimes, and other violent crimes and also includes theft, fraud, driving under the influence, and embezzlement. With the years of studying and practice of criminal defense lawyers, you can be sure that they are experts in this field but what are the chances of needing a criminal defense lawyer in a lifetime?


In a person’s lifetime, many different and surprising things could happen. From the time that we step out of our houses good things may happen as well as bad things and sometimes up to the time that we step back in our own homes. It is very unfortunate that some people may experience violent treatments from their own relatives or family members or from their co-workers. There are also some times when strangers come to mistreat, abuse, hurt or at worst even take our lives in exchange for some material necessities that can keep them alive. About a few years back it has been noted that in the United States the violent crime rate is at roughly 450 per 100,000 annually. In a person’s lifetime there is a probability of about 5.3 to at least 1 percent chance that they will be a victim of violent crimes.


Knowing these chances or probabilities, can we say that the numbers are just too low for us to prepare and save numbers or contact information on the best and most trusted criminal defense lawyers in town? I say, no. The probabilities or chances may be too low but we can never be too assured. In general, crimes do exist and realizing that there is a 1 percent chance a criminal case or two may happen to us in our whole lifetime. Helping yourself by trying to look for trusted criminal defense lawyers and/or doing some research about them can be very helpful in the future if not for you, maybe for people or friends you know who may need their assistance.


An old cliché would always say that prevention is better than cure but we can also go by another saying from Stephen King’s Different Seasons, “…there’s no harm in hoping for the best as long as you’re prepared for the worst.” We should be prepared for what may happen. There is definitely nothing to lose but there is certainly something we can gain from being prepared. There are things we cannot do on our own and we will always be needing the help of a skilled person or professionals like criminal defense lawyers.