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In Civil Court Criminal Defendant Can Also Be Liable For Victims’ Claim for Personal Injuries

Personal injuries are not only limited to those injuries that can be acquired from work and accidents. There are also personal injuries that can directly receive from a crime or past criminal conviction case of a defendant. To understand this clearly, it can be helpful to refresh about the basics of personal injury cases.

What is a personal injury case?

A personal injury case can be anything from a victim suffering physical injuries, illnesses, or diseases as well as those who suffer from psychological illness or injury. Some examples of personal injuries may include, but are not limited to, injury from work, accidents, faulty services or products, psychological illness from abuse, and medical negligence and / or malpractice as well as psychological or physical injuries experienced by a victim in the a crime.

Regarding personal injuries received from a crime, some people are not aware that in such cases, the criminal defendant may also be held liable or accountable for the personal injuries obtained by the victim. Under the civil court, the victim who received personal injuries because of the crime may press charges on top of the criminal conviction charges of the defendant. Since the criminal defendant is also deemed liable for such personal injuries, they can also be asked for compensation through the Criminal Injuries Compensation Board or Committees in the area or by a compensation order released by the court.

Criminal Injuries Compensation Board or Committees

These boards or committees go by various names in different area. These committees can help you claim compensation as well as take legal actions on criminal defendants who are liable for the personal injuries you have acquired from a crime. If you are a direct victim who may have been involved in criminal cases such as assault, battery, or have sustained injuries, you can go to this kind of committee for further assistance. You can press charges to defendants for a recent crime, which happened resulting in your personal injury case or to defendants with previous criminal conviction cases causing you psychological issues or problems. These criminal conviction cases include, but are not limited to, hospital malpractice, abuse, assault, and the likes.

You can also be an indirect victim where you may just be trying to help the police after a crime has happened in the area and you may have obtained or suffered from personal injuries. In this case, you may also take legal actions and have the defendant be held liable your case on top of his current criminal conviction case.

Criminal Compensation Orders

Upon going to court, even to a civil court, you may claim for personal injuries compensation due to a crime committed by a defendant. The court can release an order to a convicted person so he or she may compensate or pay for a loss, injury, or damage acquired because of the crime the defendant has committed.

The compensation amount will vary depending on how much the defendant is able to pay. There is also a maximum amount, which differs from place to place.